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Franking Inks from Pitney Bowes, Quadident Neopost,  FP and Frama to fully Compatible Inks.

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Your One Stop Franking Shop!

Franking Machines by Pitney Bowes, Quadident Neopost, FP, and Frama.

We also supply a wide range of Folders/Inserters, Letter Openers as well as 

Software Assurance.

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Welcome to FMC. We will help you cut your costs, not your standards, in all matters mailing. Our obsession with offering the very best service and products continues even when challenged by national and world events which affect us all. The health and wellbeing of our customers, friends and staff is of the utmost importance to us and we need to ensure we fully support everyone through these challenging times. 


Welcome to

Your One-Stop-Franking-Shop

FMC have for over 30 years been providing 1st class Franking Machine service and products to customers throughout the UK and beyond.

Our staff are manufacturer trained and certified and offer the highest level of customer service, as an ISO 9001 company we pride ourselves in the quality of service and offering cutting edge shipping and mailing products. We help cut your costs not your standards.

We are one of only a handful of companies who are bonded by The Royal Mail and are approved Distributors, Inspectors and maintainers of Franking Machines. The complete office solution for you.

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Using a stamp on your mail could cost you up to an extra..


Save up to a Third by Franking.

Are you posting out more than five second-class letters or parcels a day? By changing to a modern Mailmark-compliant franking machine, you could make significant savings in your mailroom.

With totally independent expert advice from our market leading staff we can advise on the best equipment at the right price to suit both your business and budgetary requirements.

FMC can prescribe the optimum solutions from all the manufacturers the market offers resulting in the best deal for you. Our ability to choose from all manufacturer's gives us the edge to only supply the most reliable and feature rich products available, but we only offer these when they have passed out internal quality and assessment procedures.


The Royal Mail offers significant discounts to franking machine users.


Franking machine users have the flexibility of 24/7 postal service.
No more queuing at the Post Office!


Postal machines are completely secure, so no more stamp books or petty cash in the office to worry about.


No more guessing the amount of stamps needed with the use of accurate weighing scales.

Continue to Save with Franking.
Royal Mail Tariff Charges 2022.

Prices for sending a 1st Class Letter will start from 78p and a 2nd Class Letter from 51p.

  • Franking continues to offer great value for money, save over 22% sending a 1st Class Letter or over 33% sending a 2nd Class Letter compared to stamps using a franking machine.

  • Royal Mail Mailmark® franking continues to offer the best prices for franking products and services an additional 18p off the price for 2nd Class.

  • Sending a parcel with franking is still great value, Send a 1st Class small parcel from £3.95 and a 2nd Class small parcel from £2.85.


Royal Mail Announce the end of Non-Mailmark Franking

Royal Mail have contacted all of their customers that currently have a licence for a Standard franking machine to inform them that the traditional crown die indicia will be removed as an option and Royal Mail will only accept franked mail showing the Mailmark machine-readable state-of-the-art 2D barcode. This will help mail processing and reduce postage costs.

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