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About FMC.

FMC, the Independent view.

FMC, founded over 30 years ago to offer a totally independent source of advice, supply and on-going support for franking equipment.

We are recognised by The Royal Mail as a fully approved independent maintainer of franking machines. Don't risk disappointment. Choose FMC!


Why choose FMC?

With totally independent expert advice from our market leading staff we can advise on the best equipment at the right price to suit both your business and budgetary requirements.

We are now in our 30th year of providing 1st class Franking Machine service and products to customers throughout the UK and beyond.

We can prescribe the optimum solutions from all the manufacturers the market offers resulting in the best deal for you. Our ability to choose from all manufacturer's gives us the edge to only supply the most reliable and feature rich products available, but we only offer these when they have passed out internal quality and assessment procedures.


The quality of service you need:
As an ISO 9001 company, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide for all our clients, irrespective of their size. Ask any of our 30,000 highly satisfied customers in the private and public sector. Our staff are manufacturer trained and certified and offer the highest level of customer service, as an ISO 9001 company we pride ourselves in the quality of service. We are one of only a handful of companies who are Bonded by The Royal Mail and are approved Distributors, Inspectors and maintainers of Franking Machines. The complete office solution for you.


The contract to suit you:
FMC can offer you a variety of contracts, from single purchase evaluation and supply to multiple purchase and continuous maintenance. It depends entirely on your individual needs - we're completely flexible!


Contact FMC today:
For further details or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on FREEPHONE 0800 955 2341 or complete our enquiry form.

Continue to Save with Franking.
Royal Mail Tariff Charges 2022.

Prices for sending a 1st Class Letter will start from £1.10 and a 2nd Class Letter from 75p with Royal Mail.

  • Franking continues to offer great value for money, save over 18% sending a 1st Class Letter or over 40% sending a 2nd Class Letter compared to stamps using a franking machine.

  • Royal Mail Mailmark® franking continues to offer the best prices for franking products and services an additional 18p off the price for 2nd Class.

  • Sending a parcel with franking is still great value, Send a 1st Class small parcel from £3.69 and a 2nd Class small parcel from £2.99.

A Service that you can rely on!

FMC can now supply your company with a full maintenance option on all of your franking machines and postal scales.

  • Guaranteed 50% price reduction on your current maintenance contract

  • Up to 40% off franking consumables

  • Manufacturer trained technicians

  • Genuine manufacturer parts

  • Customer help line

  • Monthly contract terms (i.e. no long term contracts)

  • No termination penalties

  • Machine inspections

  • Free machine exchange

  • Preventative maintenance

  • ISO 9001 Approved Company

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Royal Mail Announce the end of Non-Mailmark Franking.

Royal Mail have contacted all of their customers that currently have a licence for a Standard franking machine to inform them that the traditional crown die indicia will be removed as an option and Royal Mail will in future only accept franked mail showing the Mailmark machine-readable state-of-the-art 2D barcode.

Royal Mail

How does that effect you?

This means that if you’re a user of an old device, it’s time to to upgrade Mailmark so you can continue franking and take advantage of an extra 8p saving on every 2nd Class letter sent.

Non-Mailmark crown die indicia signifies you need to upgrade your machine:


Mailmark 2D barcode guarantees you can continue franking:


View SAMPLE Royal Mail Barcode Upgrade Letter by clicking the image below.



I’m franking with the old circle indicia, what should I do?

You will need to upgrade to Mailmark  to continue franking. Please contact FMC on 0800 955 2341, or contact us here.

What happens if I keep my existing franking machine?

You won’t be able to add funds to your franking machine, and Royal Mail will return your franked mail to sender. We will be contacting customers affected by this change to schedule their upgrade.

Why are Royal Mail doing this?

First introduced in 2014, Mailmark was to provide the most efficient and accurate way of processing mail, along with guaranteeing the cheapest franking rate. As the majority of franked mail is now Mailmark it’s simply ensuring that all franked mail can take advantage of the automated barcode technology.

Will the price increase for franked post?

No, in fact Mailmark guarantees the cheapest franking rate, with 2nd Class letters at 47p, compared to 55p for standard franking and 65p for stamps.

When should I change?

Seeing as though Mailmark franking is cheaper and more efficient, changing now would give most benefit. You will be able to take advantage of savings and avoid the worry of not being able to send your franked mail when non-Mailmark ends.

For further information, please contact FMC here.


FMC Flexible Finance

FMC, Flexible Finance. 
You could be saving
a Third off your mailing costs!

FMC offers a variety of financial solutions tailored to meet the needs of the mailing industry including lease, rent and outright purchase.

FMC Lease Option:

FMC can offer short and long term options with fixed or stepped payments to suit your budget. The benefits of leasing include:

  • Short term rental to long term contracts

  • Fully inclusive service plan for peace of mind and cost control

  • Bespoke plans tailored to individual requirements

  • Spread the cost and avoid tying up capital

  • Leaves existing credit lines open for day to day trading and future expansion

  • Simple low cost upgrade and exchange of equipment

  • Lowest rates in the industry


FMC Purchase Option:

Although over 80% of our customers lease or rent their equipment to allow them to preserve working capital and to have the flexibility to change equipment, we also sell equipment outright. Should you wish to purchase you are still covered by our 1 year guarantee by taking out fully comprehensive maintenance.


Contact FMC today:

For further details or a discussion of your individual franking requirements, call today on FREEPHONE 0800 955 2341 or complete our enquiry form.

FMC Finance

Are you MailMark Ready?

MailMark is guaranteed by Royal Mail to be the cheapest tariff for sending a single franked letter. on some models you can even print a shipping label and access full package tracking.

What is MailMark?

Mailmark Franking is the Royal Mails newest and most efficient Franking mark. It supercedes the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with an even faster, machine readable 2D barcode. MailMark will always be the lowest cost tariff for sending any single franked letter.

The Royal Mail have announced that MailMark (formerly EIB) can be accessed via any MailMark™ Compatible Franking Machines and now shipping and labelling can also be accessed to give you a low cost one stop label printing and tracking service.

If your franking Machine is not operational or compatible with MailMark dont panic. Mailmark is only an additional way of printing a postage indicia and it will not be a replacement to the current franking machine ‘Value’ print. Mailmark will be beneficial in a number of ways including being more cost effective than using postage stamps and considerably cheaper than a traditional franked impression.

To receive the most cost effective competitive Mailmark franking machine quotation simply fill in our contact form, and we will get back to you with some ideal Mailmark solutions specifically designed for you.

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